Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ya Gurl'z Startin' a L.A.M.E. Blog!!

So 2 all U haterz who said tee was illiterate, U only 1/2 right!!

tee only got 2 tha 3rd grade but dat's ALL U NEED!

My stoopid management said tee needz 2 connect w/ fanz after my multiple rehab stintz & court appearances. Tha last time tee releazed muzic, Lady Gaga was still studying how 2 steal her style from famous Fresno drag queen Na$ti Delicious, Miley was still saving sex 4 tha 3rd date and Britney was on top of tha world...shavin' her head & gettin' admitted to glamorous psychiatric wards.

Butt ya gurl is ready 2 step back in2 tha light and illuminate yo' azzez on what it really meanz 2 be a seXXXy popstar!

But first, tee'z gonna score herself some delicous Chick-fil-A

Om Nom Nom Nom!

Mos' GLAMOROUS chicken restaraunt eva!