Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It'z been a few daze, but ya gurl tee haz been partyin' it up, Celebrity Rehab-style, @ tha Grammy's after-parties! tee met so many great people...Taylor Swift's 'Acting Surprised' coach, Beyonce's idea recycler and tha oldest Jonas Brother's wife / beard (don't act surprised! Eurvyone knowz!!)

But dat'z not even tha greatest part!

tee won a Grammy for 'Most Erotic Recording'! It wasn't given out at tha on-air broadcast or even tha pre-show party...it was given out a week ago @ a ceremony in front of a Target in Tarzana (where Fresno'z own K.Fed livez, y'all!).

tee beat out tha likez of Modesto's Sha-Tay-Tay (skank), Noah Cyrus (Miley's 8 year old sister) and Susan Boyle.

tee'z gotta come down of her natural high (& her chemical one, too) and git some sleep so she can get back 2 wurk on new tunez in hopez of makin' it 2-4-2 next year!

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