Friday, February 5, 2010

tee-awnah Flachback: September 1st, 2007-'tee-awnah's Prayer'

*Taken from tee-awnah's MySpace blog*

'September 1, 2007 - Saturday

tee-awnah’s Prayer

"Dear Jesus,

UR my B.F.F. 4Realzies...

Thanks for blessin' me w/ super sexy man enchanting powers. They're like my fav.

Sorry I thanked Buddha @ the '06 Fresno Music Awards when I won for 'Most Improved'...he wuz all: "If you don't thank me in your acceptance speech, you're totally off my Top 8!" and I wuz all: "Buddha! That's hella not fair! You know J. Chrizzo has my baby!" but he threatened to give me 'the shanking that was coming to' me. Super srry.

Thnks for saving those kids from the volcano last week...

...I was worried, but U flew in and saved them jus' in time.

Also, thnks 4 shooting the devil, gangland-style back in 1978...that wuz awesome!!!

*Passage omitted at the request of FresHno Records*

Finally Jesus, could U plz do sumthin' about this?

...she's stealing ALL my dope knive poses! I thought of that one back in '96 and now she goes and steals it from me! Jesus, can you please shoot her with that non-lethal laser gun God invented for you?...Just so she getz the message but doesn't get dropped...tee-awnah's hella down 4 'Mean Girls 2'...

Thnks Jesus!!! I hope all the tests come back negative!!!!

~Hugs & Kisses, Bitches~

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