Thursday, February 4, 2010

iamamiwhoami: Tha Single Biggest Mystery of Our Time..

A month ago, thiz mystery video (with a seXXXy goat birth at tha end that has now been taken out for being 2 REAL) popped up on YouTube user 'iamamiwhoami'z page. It'z basically like if 'The Ring' wuz some CalArts student'z ambient music wet dream.

& much like a wet dream, people on tha interwebz have been gettin' off over who iz responsible 4 dis erotic version of nature. Otha videoz by 'iamamiwhoami' have a vagina-lookin tree and a muddy lady licking sexual-lookin' sap off on it...WHATEVA!...ev'ryone knowz tee wuz licking suggestive thingz off suggestive tree'z way back in ' I wuzn't showerin' @ tha time (I thought tha CIA was buggin' my bathroom, y'all!) so I was vury dirrty. But it'z okay, imitation is the mos' bestest form of flattery.

A lot of krazy namez iz gettin' thrown out dere...Goldfrapp, The Knife (they wissssh), Fever Ray (who jacked my face melting-style @ a recent awardz show but whatevz) and XXXtina Aguilera. Da hipsterz is havin' panty twistin' attacks dat it could be Xtina & pop fanz are scared Xtina iz getting too brainy (like my fanz hated my concept album Calculus 101: Integral Tapestries of Infinite Series).

tee-tee'z $$ iz on Ms. Arugula. People weren't feelin' her time travel trip back 2 tha 40s (she overshot where mos' of her peers time travel back to 4 music, tha 80s).

Only time and millionz of dollaz in viral marketing will tell...

...speaking of tha now missing goat birth....

Xtina, iz dat U in dere????

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  1. That Christina thing was gross but I kind of also love it lol!